Today we looked at different magazines, which we had brought in, and thought about who the readers are and what they expect from the photographs the come across in their respective magazines. I chose to look at National Geographic, a publication which I would love to feature in at some point in my career. It is highly regarded for its quality journalism, story choice and plentiful awe-inspiring photographs of the world around us. Through using semiotic analysis I created a rough ‘ideal reader’ profile. I decided that the average reader would be an intellectual, well educated male between 25-60 who is interested in science and the natural world. It is important to understand your audience, so that you can best cater to their needs by creating images they want and expect to see. From this, we were set the task of creating 6 images to feature in a particular publication, thinking about the needs of the typical audience. You can see the images I created here in my Saturday Assignment.