Today we have been exploring sources and thinking about how valid information actually is. We evaluate how valid a piece of information is by looking at where it has come from (wikipedia, a blog post, a book or the media) or whether it was peer reviewed. We can also look at who actually authored it and whether they may have any expertise or reason to write with a bias (e.g. commercial).

Of course, we can usually see when it was written, published and updated and see whether there is anything newer to fill in the gaps or counter the piece. We should thinking about who the target audience of the article are and, if comments are available on the piece, what its audience is saying. Lastly, we can always look around, use our search know-how and see what other evidence is out there to add to the information and give a better rounded evaluation.

I’ve quite enjoyed today’s lesson. I think that evaluating sources is very important in the modern, fast-paced media scene. Anybody can write anything and spread it all over the internet in minutes, but we need to be able to evaluate information before we act upon it. I think this is very true of social media and the rumour-mill, for example.