The images I have created are of the new Liverpool Museum located at the Liverpool waterfront, which aims to educate about, and showcase Liverpool as a city and culture.

I feel that these images are a very close representation of what I saw at the time and are what potential visitors to the museum and waterfront could expect to see were they to visit.

I wanted to present an overall idea of how the museum looks and of what it has to offer, without revealing too much of the content of the museum. I also wanted to present how the redevelopment of Liverpool’s waterfront and pier-head has improved, countering critics who have been largely unimpressed.

My target audience would be fairly intellectual, aged 25-60 and primarily local residents and visitors to Liverpool looking to learn more about the museum before visiting.

Therefore, I feel these images would fit well into the guardian or it’s weekend magazine as a feature in the culture/leisure section, accompanied by a review of the museum.

I am very happy with what I have accomplished during this task, especially seeing as though this is my first task since beginning BSc Photojournalism. I am extremely proud of the images I have come out with and feel that they would fit well into my chosen publication – The Guardian. I have been able to test my creative and landscape techniques, bettering my skills in the process.