Who or what is the subject?
– Kate Moss, british supermodel looking fairly intoxicated and worse for wear.

Who or what else is in the picture?
– A car, probably a Jaguar or similar due to the green leather seats. Kate Moss is holding a lit cigarette.

What is happening?
– Kate Moss is looking intoxicated (drunk, possibly on drugs). She is holding a lit cigarette in her left hand (if we assume it is her hand), whilst she steadies herself on the front seat of the car. She has a dishevelled appearance and a blank, lost stare.

– A car at night, outside a club or pub.

What can you see in the background of the picture?
– The subject is the main focus of the image, and the background is fairly nondescript. The background is the inside of a car, likely a Jaguar (due to the green leather seats). She is being driven by someone and through the windows we can see that it is night.

How was this lit?
– Strong flash from immediately in front of the subject. We can tell this as the light is very strong in the foreground (the subject) and dark in the background.

Where is the focus?
– The focus is on the face of the subject, which is the important part of the image from a paparazzi or tabloid newspaper selling perspective.

Has this image been obviously processed?
– We can assume that the image has been cropped to include all of the subject (face and both hands), but cut out any unnecessary background. The parts of the scene closest to the camera (the car seat and the subject’s hand are distorted and therefore appear large in comparison to the rest of the image.

What does the composition tell us?
– The composition of the image is intended to draw focus to the subjects face and hand holding a cigarette. The composition was most likely an after thought applied in post production through cropping.