During our digital journalism class we briefly looked at the plan for upcoming classes over the module and discussed how we will be assessed. We then began looking at list articles, which are essentially just a list, for example, 10 Ways to Eath Healthy or The 5 Best Footballing Moustaches of the 70s, etc. The articles generally contain a catchy headline, a short intro to interest reader and then a couple hundred words on each item in the list, coupled with an illustrating image for each item. We’ve all read tons of these before and that is due to them being reasonably easy to write and publish via the web or in newspapers. We had a go at making our own short list article and I came up with The 3 Funniest Comedians of the Past Decade. I feel happy with what we talked about and how we have put it in to practise by making our own list articles. These types of articles are a quick and easy ‘foot in the door’ with a lot of online publications and agencies. I should really try to put some together to start getting my name and work published.