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Barcelona was my destination for a spot of street photography. I lived in the city for a year prior to beginning this year of University and thought that whilst back visiting I would make use of the time and capture some photos that were a little different to what you might see in a British city.

As I hadn’t taken my DSLR, I was relying on my IPhone to be up to the task. Initially I found it difficult with trying to frame what I wanted, manage exposure (with a touch screen) and get a good documentation of the real Barcelona that I know. I missed not being able to use full manual settings as I normally do with my cameras and I think a lot of the time I was banking on getting lucky instead of achieving what I wanted.

I was aiming to show the little pieces that make up Barcelona from the perspective of a citizen and not a tourist, so I stayed away from the typical hotspots. I’m fairly pleased with the images I managed to create, but don’t think they are my best work. Blaming my equipment may be an easy excuse, but I really do think I could’ve achieved more with my 40d or Powershot S90. I did find it hard to be discreet as I didn’t feel confident enough to be very blatant about taking pictures of people – something I definitely to work on, or just get over.