How was the image constructed?

The image has been constructed by staging what seems to be an injured civilian buried in the rubble of a recent Israeli airstrike. In fact, what actually happened was that the men featured have staged the image by acting out the scene. As we can see in the two earlier images (below), the ‘injured’ man being pulled from the rubble is totally fine and is walking around with the same shorts and green cap on (note this tucked under his arm in the featured image above).


What meaning was communicated?

The meaning communicated to the viewer of the featured image is that civilians have been injured, killed and buried in the rubble of an explosion.

Is this the “true” meaning?

This may well be the true meaning of actual events, but maybe the photographers had turned up too late to actually photograph somebody being pulled from the rubble. Alternatively, maybe civilians being caught in the blast at all is completely fictitious. Either way, by staging the event the photographer has stripped the image of credibility.

Are there any signs in the image of construction?

The man is lying on top of the rubble and appears completely free of debris. His position is very relaxed and he has his cap neatly tucked under his arm.

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