During today’s Digital Journalism class we have explored how we can utilise the power of Twitter as a social media tool. Twitter is a platform for sending information out instantaneously. News and information can therefore be sent out as soon as it is received or created. It’s great for tracking thought trends (local and worldwide) and filtering content by using search terms or the hashtag feature (#keyword). We’ve also briefly looked at tools, such as tweetdeck and hootsuite, which are useful for arranging your Twitter and twitscoop for finding hot topics.

A Twitter user can select who to ‘follow’, and they will then see ‘tweets’ (posts) from this person in their timeline. As a photographer and digital journalist I have chosen to follow a variety of news, media, technology and photography orientated ‘tweeters’ (posters). Here is a list of a few these posters I have chosen to follow:
Maria Popova @brainpicker – Editor of brain pickings blog.
Vincent Laforet @vincentlaforet – Photographer, director and film-maker.
BBC News (World) @BBCWorld – World news.
Open Eye Gallery @OpenEyeGallery – Liverpool-based photography/art gallery.
Image Deconstructed @ImageDconstruct – Blog, which deconstructs images.
Andrew Zuckerman @zuckermanstudio – Pro photographer.
BJPhoto – 1854 @1854 – British Journal of Photography.
Photojournalismlinks @photojournalism – Photojournalism-specific tweets.
Reuters Pictures @reuterspictures – Reuters photojournalism agency.
World Press Photo @WorldPressPhoto – Photojournalism foundation.
National Geographic @NatGeoPhotos – National Geographic’s photos.

Twitter is also a great platform for keeping in touch with friends, finding out what footballers from your team are up to, or seeing what your favourite comedians have to say. I’ve been a Twitter user for a while and despite not tweeting that much, I find I check it almost daily, so I can keep up to date with what’s going on my world.

I have enjoyed looking into Twitter in more detail and have managed to find a few more interesting posters to follow. I’m happy with what I have got out of this class and feel that making greater use of this social media tool in the future will be key to getting my photography ‘out there’ and advancing my career and subject knowledge.

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