During today’s classes we reviewed our first couple of months through a short one-on-one meeting with Karl. We looked at how our blogs are progressing and what we need to do to improve them for hand-in in December. I felt that my meeting went well. I know what I have to get finished and in which areas I need to improve to bump up my provisional mark of 62 to something more in the range of a First or at very least a 2:1. I will be working on improving the structure and layout of my blog by changing the theme and adding Flickr and Twitter connectivity. I will also start adding inspiration and research pieces, such as photographs, artworks, videos and music. The aim of this is to make my blog more interesting and interactive. I am happy with my provisional mark seeing as though I have a fair number of improvements to make. When I finally submit my blog for marking I intend it to be a strong online journal, which is informative, interesting and personal.

In the second half of our class we looked at what will be required for the two upcoming assignments and we started to plan these projects. I chose to focus more on my case-study piece and my initial thoughts are to base this around the intriguing portraiture of either Andrew Zuckerman or Mark Laita – two photographers who have created stunning studio works of plants, animals and people. The images to the right are from Zuckerman’s ‘Bird’ and the image at the bottom is from Laita’s ‘Sea’.

During my time today, and whilst looking further at the works of these photographers, I have been thinking about my strengths and where I want to focus my own photography. I would really like to create a case-study feature in an area that will benefit me as a photographer as well as a student. For this reason, I am leaning more towards a feature on Andrew Zuckerman, as the breadth of his work (subjects, genres and media types) gives me a greater scope for creating an educational and stylish magazine-look article.

I am happy with today’s session and feel that I now have much more clarity with respect to my progress, and also with what I need to improve. The initial plans I have for my case-study are a good foundation to work from and I believe I can come up with something a little bit different to what everyone else will be creating. Overall, today’s class has been very productive.