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For my hidden place task I chose to visit a recording studio and show the inner workings of what recording music actually looks like. I imagine that many assume recording music is as glamorous as the end product and performance, but I found it to be much more humble. A small studio close to central London was the venue and the artist was Tom Moon, a singer/songwriter recording his first EP.

I found that after a while, once everyone was used to the camera that it was much easier to take natural, candid shots of the artist and producer at work. I’m glad that I wasn’t on a rushed schedule, as I’m sure this would’ve impacted on the type of shots I was able to achieve. One problem I did encounter was the lack of light. The studio was literally two small rooms with no natural light, just several artificial lights of varying colour temperatures, which made things quite difficult. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with the images I have come out with, and with a touch of post processing they came out very well. In future I’d be sure to take a wider lens as my 24-105mm was still not quite wide enough on my aps-c sensor Canon 40d.