Today’s class was focussed on preparing us for our case study assignment, which is due in after the Christmas break. We are required to create a 1200 word case study on fashion, advertising or portrait photographs and use InDesign to create a double-page article, which will house our case study. We’ll be able to illustrate the piece by adding relevant photographs and laying it out creatively, by using the tips we picked up in the Image and Text Layouts and Breaking the Grid tasks.

The case study will essentially be an analytical look at a collection of findings from a particular subject area. These findings can either be presented and examined academically or journalistically. If the approach is more journalistic, then the format will be slightly different and will follow the typical feature article format, as shown below.

…..//Images (used as illustration throughout)//
…..//Main Argument//

Taking into consideration what we had looked at in our class, I then came up with some possible ideas for my case study and started developing them. I already knew that I wanted to base my article on photographer Andrew Zuckerman, so I thought about the different ways I could shape my thoughts on his work into a 1200 word article. Here are a selection of my better case study title ideas:

From Apple to Aardvark: An overview of the photography of Andrew Zuckerman.

The Perfect Portrait: How shooting for Vogue shaped Andrew Zuckerman’s trademark look.

A Man With Ideas: How Andrew Zuckerman went from cleaning darkrooms to defining wisdom.

I’m glad I’ve had the chance to think further about my ideas, and with a bit of work I’m sure I’ll come up with a solid plan as to where I want to go with my case study. Now I have a solid base to work from I’ll concentrate on fleshing out the article into the word count and studying the areas, which I think are important. I’m happy I’ve now started and am looking forward to getting back into InDesign to create something sleek and interesting.

As a side-note to this class we were also notified about the new layout of the list articles due to a change in how WordPress deals with slideshows.