During today’s class we reviewed what we need to hand-in for both modules and recapped where we are individually regarding our assignments. I briefly spoke to Karl and clarified my ideas about the work I am yet to do on my list article and case-study pieces.

I now feel more comfortable about what is required for the list article assignment and have a good set of ideas, which I can start improving and setting out as a rough plan. At the moment, I am thinking of creating a list article along the lines of favourite festive foods or drinks, or attractions featuring in Liverpool this Christmas. This will inevitably develop depending on what I can achieve through my photography over the next few days, as we are required to illustrate the article with our own images.

As mentioned here in week 7, I have been looking at the work of Andrew Zuckerman recently and intend to create my case-study piece on him and his work. The layout will be a double-page magazine article profiling him by showing some of his images and talking about his past, present and future (if possible) works. I shall be researching relevant, and similar, articles for a better understanding of what content and layout I should be looking to include.

I am happy with how beneficial today’s class was for an informal session. I now have a much better idea of what I need to get on with and where I need to start.