After debating between Christmas foods and Christmas attractions and considering the resources available to me, I have decided to base my list article on things to do in Liverpool this Christmas.

As for the title, I have been playing around with a few ideas:

Liverpool’s Top 10 Christmas Attractions

Liverpool’s Top 10 Winter Warmers

Liverpool’s Top 10 Winter Attractions

Liverpool’s Top 10 Christmas Charms 2011 – I chose this as my title as it stood out to me as being poetic, yet specific, and definitely the most catchy of the bunch.

Possible locations/attractions:

  • Albert Dock (shopping, food/drink, nightlife)
  • Christmas Markets (various around the city)
  • Art Galleries/Museums (open eye gallery, tate, williamson art gallery, museum of liverpool)
  • Theatres (empire, royal court, philharmonic)
  • Shopping (cavern walks, bold st, liverpool one, met quarter)
  • Christmas Decorations/Activities (ice skating, ice bar, fair, reindeer, lights at albert hall/all streets, craft activities clayton square)
  • Restaurants (il forno, alma de cuba, the noble house)

After returning from photographing as many of the above researched attractions as I could, I am now selecting the best attractions to go in to my top ten. I found the trip fairly hassle free, with the only real problem being a challenging gale-force wind and rain combo. That said, I think I’ve managed to get some pretty decent images and I’m looking forward to seeing them with put together with some text.

Here is my finished list article – Liverpool’s Top 10 Christmas Charms 2011