Today we were tasked with planning and developing our assignments further. I managed to get my list article Liverpool’s Top 10 Christmas Charms 2011 completely finished and submitted last week, so I have been able to concentrate on work for other modules. I was really happy with what I managed to achieve in such horrendous weather and came out with some fairly decent photos of Liverpool’s festive treats, which included Christmas markets, Paul McCartney, and plenty of shopping.

As the list article assignment is out of the way, I’ve been able to concentrate solely on my case study. I’ve come to a final decision on the title and have decided to go with ‘From Apple to Aardvark: An overview of the life and work of Andrew Zuckerman’. I think it expresses exactly what I am aiming present – a brief biography of where Zuckerman came from, what he has achieved, and the photographs he has created in doing so.

Below is some research consisting of links, photos and videos I have collected today, which will help me to put together a strong article. Magazine/website article Andrew Zuckerman Creative Mornings presentation Interview in a magazine

I’m happy with what I’ve managed to put together in today’s class. I’ve collated some really useful resources that will make up the basis of my article, and I now need to crack on with writing and designing it.