We’re back in class for the new year and we’re starting by looking at what we will be tackling in Project Research & Plan. Essentially this module will be where we perform all necessary research and planning for our final year project. After Christmas two modules (Implementation and Evaluation) will follow on from this and they will depend entirely on all the work we have done here.

In today’s class we’ve looked at how the module will be structured and assessed, and the deliverables we will be required to submit to gain credit. We are required to produce an extensive journalistic project containing photographs and text, which looks at a particular subject/topic and must be presented as a product (magazine or newspaper feature, interactive multimedia piece, digital publication piece or portfolio of smaller articles) for a particular client or target market.

Initially I am thinking that I would like to create an interactive website which would be targeted for tablet computers and my subject ideas are:
– The Hillsborough Justice Campaign (Looking at their fight over the years and the justice which is soon to be served)
– The issue of renewable energy in the UK (Why it is so important and why it is not embraced as it should be)
– The plight of the humble bee (How and why bees are disappearing and the effect this could have on humans if the problem is not tackled)