During the first Professional Portfolio class of the year we met Sean, a tutor we’ve not been taught by before, and he set about learning our names through a word chain game. I was the last link in the chain and, of course, managed to be the first to screw up the order.

We had several tasks to complete during class, the first being to list previous modules we had studied on the course and the skills we had gained in studying the particular subjects. It was interesting to analyse the benefits of our past studies and make a note of the areas in which we felt that we had improved personally. I identified the following skills as ones pertinent to my previously studied modules:

Journalism and documenting through writing and photography, ethical and moralistic awareness, software (photoshop, indesign), magazine layout and design, technical studio lighting skills, writing for commercial purposes.

Following this, I identified the field of photography or journalism that I am aiming to work in and the skills needed to break into, and succeed, in that particular position. My goal is to become a commercial advertising studio photographer, so I feel it is important to have the following skillset:

Photographic skills, retouching / editing, resourcefulness, adaptability, able to work within strict guidelines and budgets, time management, health and safety / risk assessment knowledge, interpersonal and communication skills.

I believe that my current skills are a good footing, but I should look to bolster my portfolio with more product advertising images. By doing this I would present my current photographic skills, particularly my macro work and eye for detailing, as well as my image editing and post production work. The areas I should be aiming to work on are:

Studio lighting, knowledge of what sells in the commercial field, retouching / editing, software knowledge (photoshop, lightroom, etc), time management, organisational skills.

Today was useful in analysing and auditing my skills as they are, and as they need to be for my future career. The session was beneficial as I now have a direction and set of goals to aim for throughout the Professional Portfolio module.