Today was the first Editorial Photography session of the year, so we were given a brief overview of the module and what we will be covering – constructed vs observational photography, art concepts, styling and post production. The main emphasis in the module appears to be photography image construction and the theory needed. I am looking forward to being able to create some unique and interesting images, with which I’ll be able to challenge myself.

The lesson focused on the differences between observational and constructed images – a subject which I feel is difficult to define absolutely, as it seems the distinction between the two is easily confused when scrutinised. We agreed as a group that the characteristics of a stills camera (cropped frame, soundless, still image) would always act as limiting factors in portraying the complete truth. An observational image will only ever be a snippet of what could have been experienced by the photographer, so it is only really their vision which we are able to experience. Despite this, I understand the differences between the two definitions. I believe the intent to create is key, so learning about artistic concepts and direction during next week’s class should bring more to the argument.