Formulating aims, objectives and project titles was what we covered in today’s class. These will be vital in outlining my research and ultimately laying out my final project and what it will accomplish.

As I have formulated aims and objectives in previous years of study, I feel quite happy with what they are about. The aim should set out what my research will be hoping to achieve. Objectives will be used as steps to guide me through the process of achieving the stated aim.

An area in which I did learn something new was the classifying of objectives into three categories – knowledge, skill and attitudinal. By being able to define each objective as either of these it will help me to create better defined and more concise objectives.

Having created objectives before during my study of Events Management, I was familiar with the method of making objectives SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound). I will definitely be implementing this with any objectives I create, as it can really help with keeping things relevant and easy to follow. By ensuring an objective is SMART, you essentially break it into mini-steps, which make it easy to check whether you have met the objective.

I am feeling very comfortable with the challenge of creating a title, aim and objective for my project. Building on this session, I will be researching my three potential topic areas further and coming to a decision on which I will be pursuing as my project idea.