After reviewing several different portfolio websites, I have come to the decision that I want to display my work via a clean, simple, minimalist website. Banksy’s website, for instance, lets the images do the talking. His work is about making a statement and, similarly, his website lets the viewer become solely focused on the images. I feel that a website without gimmicks and distracting features is a far more effective way of presenting ones work with integrity and professionalism.

Big Red Button’s website is a good example of a unique and engrossing site, which takes the user into its own world. As much as I appreciate this site, I feel that it would be an inappropriate way to display my photographic and journalistic work. I would definitely look into something similar if I was working in the field of video and animation. One aspect of the Big Red Button website I will look to incorporate into my website is the memorable, unique and user friendly feel it offers. I believe that these are very important to making a positive impact on the user, and thus, creating an effective portfolio site.

This research has convinced me that I want to keep my portfolio site minimal, simplistic and straightforward, but at the same time, I would like to incorporate a modern yet unique feel. Hopefully I will be able to find an appropriate WordPress theme to enable me to make this happen.