Britain’s disdain for wind power is odd. It’s surely the most logical way to provide green power for the UK, yet for some reason we just cannot abide the violation of our landscape with massive whirligigs. Here are a couple of sites that I have been browsing to get a footing on the topic:

Issues: gaining interviews with people who are actively bashing green electricity is likely to be pretty difficult. Also, gaining access to photograph the turbines is likely to be tricky, too as companies won’t want a stranger sniffing around their multi-million pound windfarms.

The world’s bee population is in difficulty. All over the world bees are mysteriously disappearing and colonies are being wiped out by a variety of issues. I would like to raise awareness of this issue and see if people realise just how important bees are to us in our everyday lives. Below are a two sites, one specifically from Yorkshire, which I have been looking at:

Issues: Bees slow down over the winter months and don’t become active again until April / May. As I am constrained by the University calendar I could end up with a total lack of images of bees, which is fairly important.

The campaign for justice for Hillsborough victims is still ongoing. I would like to broadcast the story and fight of those campaigning for justice.

Issues: Clearly the subject area is a difficult one to tackle. It could be very difficult to find people willing to talk about the ordeal. I would also like to create something that would do justice to the people involved and that might be difficult as a student journalist.