Utilising the University resources at our disposal has been the subject this week, and we were given a talk by Barbara Price from the University. The main areas she covered were the Library, online services (Discover, Library Online), Skills for Learning and the employability aids available to us, such as CV / portfolio reviewing and help with gaining employment or work experience.

Despite having been given the same talk in ever year of University, I appreciate Barbara’s time and help. The session was a good reminder of what options are available to me for my research and I will definitely be taking advantage of the Library and online resources. Areas I feel particularly pertain to my way of working are Skills for Learning, which offers info on referencing correctly via ‘Quote, Unquote’ and guides on essay, and reflective, writing, as well as Discover and the many journals we have access to.

After much deliberation over the three subject areas I am interested in, I have come to a decision on which I will be taking forward as my final project. I have chosen ‘The Plight of The Humble Bee’ due to the potential of the subject. I will have the option to pursue macro photography, portraiture, documentary photography and use a variety of media to capture the project. The potential risk of having very few bees to photograph (due to them staying inside their hives over winter) will have to be dealt with through a bit of creative problem solving. The project offers a greater opportunity to learn about the subject area and make a potentially valuable learning resource for the general public.

Despite feeling very unsure on which topic I should choose due to a variety of concerns, I am now happy after speaking to Alison about the issues. We are both confident that I will be able to produce a unique project on an interesting subject area, which has a serious matter at its focus.