Today’s Multiplatform Journalism class was again focused on Adobe audition and the editing techniques which we will need to create a professional sounding podcast. We were required to again download podcasts from the web, but this time use certain techniques to blend music and vocals on multitracks. As I had felt comfortable in the previous week I had actually already started doing this. I began looking for my previous week’s work, but couldn’t find it on the computer system. For some reason my work had been erased or lost due to the stupid system in place on the macs we use. Rubbish. Note to self: bring external memory in future.

I started a new session and again downloaded a couple of different podcasts containing music and vocals. I chose the same ones as I had used last week, but also downloaded a few free music samples from FlashKit. We were tasked with editing the levels, bass and treble through ENCN (EQ, Normalize, Compress, Normalize). We also had a look at some of the effects that can be applied to audio. Phaser, Flanger, Pitch adjustments and Echo were the ones I investigated most. Although I can see uses for these effects, I cannot see them being quite as useful on the vocals in my particular podcast, which will be dealing with quite a serious issue. However, I have no doubt that I will be using the ENCN process on most, if not all of the vocals in my podcast as it adds real depth and clarity to the audio, making it much more enjoyable and professional.