During today’s session we were required to make a sound recording of a staged interview using a dictaphone. This would provide us with a high quality sound recording, which we could then manipulate using Adobe Audition and the techniques learnt in previous weeks. Phill Brown and myself came up with a number of questions focused on current affairs. We tackled the opening of St George’s Park Football Centre of Excellence, Dr Lee Gray’s studies into social behaviour in lifts, The government’s recent decisions to award and retract the West Coast Main Line to FirstGroup over Virgin, and the abuse accusations being aimed at the late Sir Jimmy Savile.

The recording itself was somewhat of a nightmare. Firstly, it was difficult to find a quiet spot with no passing traffic and little ambient noise. Secondly, we found that actually recording on the device was not quite as straight forward as we had expected, and we ended up with a mere three seconds of actual recorded sound. Having re-recorded the whole interview we then had problems with getting the audio onto the computer, but eventually managing it after trying different combinations of usb cables and borrowed dictaphones. I’m fairly satisfied that these issues were all down to our own technical knowledge, or lack thereof, and we could run the whole thing a lot smoother in the future.

Towards the end of the session we imported our audio into Adobe Audition and began adjusting the sound, clipping unwanted pieces and adjusting the levels. Next week’s session will focus solely on preparing the audio for mix-down through further editing and music before uploading to the web.