Today’s class was based around art direction, storyboarding and image creation. We looked at the differing styles of several photographers / artists, including Ian McKinnelAnders & LowSam Faulkner and Franz Pagot. Of the artists we looked at, I was particularly taken by Sam Faulkner’s photographic project named Eagle Hunters, which is a series of wonderfully crisp portraits of Kazakh people from Nura, who hunt for sport with huge birds of prey. The photographer has clearly found an extraordinary subject to focus on, which presented a solid photographic project.

During the class we were set a new photo assignment, which tasks us with taking inspiration from our mood board, creating an art direction concept, visualising and storyboarding an image, and then photographing that image with any necessary props. I have decided to create a still life image inspired by Klaus Pichler’s One Third series, which highlights the problem of food waste in modern society. At this point in time I intend to create an image featuring mouldy food in a similar fashion, but with a human element involved, which will highlight the issue of poverty and starvation, as well as food waste. This human element may be presented simply in the form of a hand reaching for the food, as I do not want to draw attention away from the rotting food entirely. However, I will continue to add to my mood board and formulate a strong concept, which allows me to tackle the issue with clarity.