Having recorded and finally transferred our interview onto the computer last week, we are now beginning to edit the audio in Adobe audition with the skills we have been acquiring in the past few weeks. Firstly, I began editing the waveform by taking out unnecessary parts of the conversation, pauses in speech and obvious background noise. I did this either by simply deleting the unwanted parts of the file or by lowering the volume in certain places. Next I took the file into Multitrack mode and split the vocals onto separate tracks, so that my voice was on track 1 and Phill’s voice on track 2. I was then able to use the Parametric Equaliser on each of the voices separately to get the best out of both. As the voices were on different tracks I was also able to correct differences in volume and split them further into the left and right stereo channels to give a stronger impression that one of us was on the left and the other on the right of the listener. By doing this, I think the audio becomes far clearer and easier for the brain to take in and understand.

Feeling fairly happy with how the vocals were sounding, I began to source some music, which could be added around different parts of the interview to flesh the project out a bit more. I chose to download some  tracks, which my friends and I had created over the past few years as part of their music production degrees. At this point I’ve not quite decided where they will go, but I’m looking forward to achieving a light-hearted, entertaining result with a professional glow. I’ll be implementing the use of the channels and fading in achieving this.