Today I continued to work on the audio interview that we recorded two weeks ago. As I struggled to find suitable free audio samples to add into the project, I began searching the web for new sample websites. I eventually found the majority of what I was looking for on SoundBible, SoundJax and Mp3Skull. For example, for our St George’s Park training facility story I found football whistle and crowd noise samples, and to bookend the interview I downloaded a typical radio news show intro/outro sample. Hopefully these samples will add a cheesy and comical, yet professional element to the project.

Later on in the class we went over how to master our final track in a couple of different ways. A master track will usually be produced by a professional studio with high quality monitor speakers. The producer will also alter the sound depending on the media it is destined for, e.g. vinyl, CD, tape, digital, etc. We will be mastering our own tracks as we won’t have the luxury of a professional studio, but I’m confident that I will be able to create a solid finished product with Adobe Audition and the skills I have acquired thus far. Mastering (Effects>Special>Mastering) is a fairly new, quick and easy option offered in Adobe Audition, which also encompasses levels manipulation. ‘Make Room for Vocals’ is an option we could look at implementing to adjust levels and provides a bigger vocal sound whilst mastering the track. I feel, however, that by using the EQ tools on individual tracks, I will be able to come up with a far more professional sounding and sufficiently beefy vocal. As I have mentioned in last week’s blog post, whilst editing the two vocals (my own and that of Phill Brown) from our interview it is important to apply individual adjustments for each person for the best result, so this will be my plan going forward.

Again we looked at the best settings to apply when it comes to mastering our finished tracks for online. Below are the optimum settings for this situation:

Sample Rate: 44100 Hz
Bit Depth: 16bit
Export > Mp3 320kbps – 192kbps