This assignment required us to create an art direction concept and a final constructed image. We did this by collating a set of images, which would act as a moodboard and help to inspire us in creating our concept. We then came up with an idea and storyboard, which set out exactly how the finished image would look, before finally creating and photographing the scene.

The initial idea I had come up with was simply ‘mouldy food’, but photographed in a way that is common in typical food photography, i.e. well-presented, clean, attractive, simple, subject-focused. My moodboard (below) features a selection of images portraying different food in this way. However, I have also included some images of mouldy food, including several by artist Klaus Pichler, whose work relates particularly well to my final image.

After researching statistics on food wastage in the UK, and finding that an astonishing 32% of all purchased bread is wasted, but before storyboarding my image, I played around with angles and lighting set-ups to figure out what was achievable, but would also provide the best results. From my findings, I finalised the image concept and sketched it out as the below storyboard.

Photo 05-12-2012 01 26 43

Clearly the final image changed slightly due to what worked best in post-production. The final image is constructed from two images – one of very mouldy bread, and the other of the ideal bread shape. A lot of Photoshop work went in to achieving a seamless cohesion between the two, especially in the area of the ‘32%’, which appears on the right of the cut bread.