Agriculture, and more specifically mass production farming, is a huge part of the modern human ecosystem. I have been investigating just how important the bee is in this ecosystem, and I feel I have gained a good understanding that it is vital to us and our food production. Below are a few facts I have collated on this subject, which I intend to make the back bone of one research objectives.

A few facts:

30% of crops and 90% of wild plants rely on cross-pollination.
80% of the world’s agricultural crop pollination is attributed to the European Honey Bee.
Bees contribute £26 billion to the world economy via pollination.
Bees contribute £200 million to the UK economy.
Almonds are 100% reliant upon honey bees for pollination, whilst apples are 90% reliant.
Einstein once said “if the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, man would have only four years to live”.

I feel that these facts will come in handy when I create my questionnaire to test the public perception of the importance of bees. Some of the figures are staggering, and I, for one, did not realise quite how important these little creatures are to us and the food we eat.

Up to this point, I have really enjoyed learning about the world of bees. I feel the subject I have chosen is really becoming something that I can gain a lot from. If I put my mind to the test and work as hard as I can on this project, then I am confident that I will create something which can be genuinely educational for a lot of people. I hope to make this project not just any other University project, but something that can make a difference – something to really be proud of.