Adobe After Effects is the program we will be using to create the slideshow element of our audio slideshow podcasts. As I have previously used many of the Adobe creative suite products, including Adobe Premiere Pro, I am looking forward to using After Effects for the first time and learning what it can do in comparison to Adobe’s other similar programs.

It looks and feels very similar to Premiere Pro, but I have already started to notice some substantial differences. After Effects seems very much catered to special effects and 3D work, whereas Premiere Pro is a video editing program. Initially, I had major newbie issues with playback in AE, but found out that was just because the program must render every frame before it can play, something which works very differently in PP. A couple of really interesting tutorial websites, which are going to be a great help in learning the ropes in After Effects are Video Copilot and Creative Cow.

Despite the initial difficulties which I encountered with After Effects, I am happy that with a bit of work I will be able to take my images and video footage and turn them into a professional audio slideshow.