In order to produce an effective and professional audio slideshow I’ll be utilising some of the features available in Adobe After Effects, such as titles, transitions and in-frame panning.

I want to make sure that my slideshow is unique, memorable and clearly linked to the audio, which it illustrates. There are a few methods and techniques I’ve used to do this. For example, the intro and outro feature video shot at the Roundhay park firework display. To the best of my ability I have synced the exploding fireworks to the firework sound effects I have used to give a seamless join between what the viewer sees and hears. The artistic choice to use out of focus video creates a visually appealing ‘bokeh’ effect with the fireworks, whilst ensuring that the visuals do not distract from the title and credits.

The font I have used throughout is professional and fitting with the overall tone of the podcast. Further to this, I have used a slow fade in / out transition on the text.

I was keen to embrace techniques, which would add visual interest, but was mindful not to overuse these and cheapen the final product. In-frame panning is one method in particular that adds a lot to my slideshow. It draws the viewer into the image and guides the eye to points of interest adding an almost videoesque quality to a static image. It was important, however, to keep the panning speed very slow as otherwise the technique loses its effect.

Overall, I feel that by utilising transitions, titles and effects, I have managed to take my audio slideshow to the next level. By applying these techniques sensibly I have been able to maintain a professional feel without the effects becoming overpowering and distracting. I’m very happy with the final product and feel that I have learnt a lot in its conception and production.