Below are the results of my online market research questionnaire answered by 40 people. The goal of this research has been to quantify how important the general public believe the importance of bees is to mankind.

What this research has managed to establish is that people generally believe the importance of bees to be reasonably high. The true value of these unique findings is in the answer to question 10, which I have arranged below question 1 as both questions are exactly the same. After answering the middle 8 questions, which are based on facts about bees, and learning the answers to these questions, people are again asked to rate how importantly they now believe bees to be. The results are conclusive. They find that on average there is an 18% positive shift in people believing that bees are more important.

I feel that these results are going to fit into my report perfectly and are a good sign that my project will be worthwhile in educating people on the importance of our bees.Survey q1

Survey q10