1. The week began with heavy rain over much of the country, prompting footballers to forgo cleaning their cars
  2. louissaha08
    Wow!! The rain is so heavy that when I took my car back after training I thought someone proper cleaned it. #carwashweather
  3. The weather man was already predicting difficulty for thousands across the UK with warnings being put in place throughout England and Wales.
  4. bbcweather
    258 flood warnings now in force in England and Wales. Majority in Midlands but numbers here are falling. Latest at bit.ly/W9kC9 PA
  5. Rivers continued to rise until they had burst their banks. This led to large areas being submerged, which impacted thousands of homes.
  6. UK floods: Hundreds of homes under water as deadly storms hit England, Scotland, Wales
  7. Thoughts turned to how people would repair the damage and people began talking about how the insurance companies would, or would not, deal with the situation.
  8. BBCNews
    200,000 people in flood risk homes will find insurance unavailable or unaffordable – Assoc of Insurers bbc.in/SnVh6X
  9. SusanEacock
    Insurance companies have been happy enough taking our money over the years – so why now are they refusing to pay out in certain flood cases!
  10. Number10gov
    PM on #flood insurance negotiations: ‘We need to take a tough approach – I am personally involved.’ @EnvAgency @DefraGovUK
  11. ….forcing the PM to state his position on the matter.
    Elsewhere, people continued to go about their daily lives, dealing with the flooding issues by turning to humour.
  12. Phil Rawsthorne
    Floods Cause Chaos In MidlandsThere are now over 300 houses with damp carpets in England as ‘Massive Flood Martin’ sweeps across the south and midlands. Over 8000 reporters descended on Tewkesbury to film rivers going dead fast and pensioners sweeping out their parlours with brushes and the tsunami wasjhed away entire welcome mats and even the odd plant pot. Oil companies deny the freak weather has anything to do with global warming but some locals are now demanding wellies to be provided by central government after the third flood in 400 years.

  13. Love it!! “@TewksPolice: Highways have the last laugh with drivers who ignore their flood warning signs. http://pic.twitter.com/AFe0P8Tp”
  14. Careful boys! #york #flood #river #ouse #night #out #friends #pub #flooded #water #moonlight #iguk #igdaily #instamood #instaflood
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    BREAKING NEWS: Environment Secretary Owen Paterson says he can’t protect flood defence budget because Labour built it next to a river.
  16. And citizen photojournalism.
  17. Flood water has swept a shipping container & other debris out of a builder’s yard onto the main road in St Asaph: http://pic.twitter.com/0NjBSjgb
  18. RT @uk_darla: @TheOxfordMail recent Abingdon road flood pictures #Floods http://pic.twitter.com/YOIILimx
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  20. For many, though, the flooding will have a huge impact. Thousands will need to leave their homes in the run up to Christmas, some by boat.
  21. Our Flood Rescue Team volunteers are currently evacuating people from their homes in St Asaph. #floods #Wales http://pic.twitter.com/As0us2qP
  22. They won’t be alone, however, as many well-wishers flocked to social media sites to show their support.
  23. TinkonBrink
    @soleil_lu Feel sorry 4 all the people flooded 😦 and now it’s freezing so everything will take longer 2 dry out @castlesoldhaunt
  24. EmilyJadeGibbs
    Feel sorry for everyone in st asaph! Hope rhyl doesn’t flood I live right by the sea I’d be stuck! 😦
  25. EllePerretta
    These floods are terrible, I feel so sorry for the poor people whose homes are ruined!! I just pray to god we don’t flood here!!
  26. The misery will continue for at least a few days yet with further heavy rain forecast up until the end of the weekend and temperatures across the UK set to drop.