I am currently half way through writing my report, but am finding it difficult to differentiate how I should be writing my literature review and my analysis/discussion. This is the first time I have written a report in this style and I find myself lapsing into an analytical writing style within my literature review.

After speaking with my peers, we all seem to be having some difficulty with this, but all have different concerns. I have decided to consult the skills 4 learning website and various other helpful websites in the hope that I will be able to come up with a few good rules to keep me on track.

Here are the rules I intend to set myself to ensure I keep in the correct frame of mind in each section:

Literary review: An organised collection of important relevant resources. Basically, summarise what people have previously said on, or around, the topic. Draw conclusions on these summaries, but do not discuss or analyse them.

Analysis/Discussion: Form arguments with conclusions drawn in lit review. Analyse these. How does the information support or challenge the objective? How well has the objective been met?

Conclusion/Recommendations: Highlight the findings made. What can be concluded from the arguments made and information found? Summarise what has been established. Will the project be good / viable / educational? How does the research inform the project? Recommend further research or paths for the project to take.

Hopefully these notes will help me stay on track and create a better report.