Whilst researching for this project I have unearthed an incredible amount of interesting, relevant information. Unfortunately there is only so much that can go into this report, so I am having to pick and choose the best information and subjects to go in. In order to produce the best and most effective report possible I have decided to edit my objectives down from five to four altering most of them a fair bit.

The objective I have decided to get rid of completely is objective three from the project proposal, which read “Explore the key known causes of honey bee decline by reviewing relative research and collating opinions directly from three specialists with a particular interest in the field by November 15th”. The reason I have elected to remove this topic from the report is due to a number of factors. Firstly, this area will be covered in minor detail in several of the other objectives. It is also a vast area due to there being around 10 very good reasons for honey bee decline, each of which would warrant its own investigation. Finally, many researchers suggest that even they cannot decide which of these reasons are most to blame for bee decline; LeConte and vanEngelsdorp both arrive at the conclusion that the decline is multifactorial.

In its stead I have opted to investigate two of the objectives in greater detail. They will be objectives two and three, which in their revised forms now read “Identify the importance of honey bees to the human ecosystem by identifying past, and potential, impacts on agriculture in a world without honey bees through a wide variety of informative sources.” and “Understand some of the actions being taken to improve the situation for bees, and how they will make a difference, by investigating urban beekeeping and bee-friendly planting.” respectively. These two objectives in their revised forms allow for greater investigation and a better final artefact. This is due to the fact that want the project to be reactive to the problem of the bees. As I have previously stated in the project proposal, I want the project to ‘enable’ the average person to make a difference, and I feel that by addressing the importance of bees and the positive actions people can take to make a difference, the project will be able to fulfil this aim.