I have recently seen a number of professionals give presentations using Prezi and thought it a good idea to become accustomed to this new, dynamic presentation software. After getting to grips with the basics, I found Prezi a delight to use. I created a very simple presentation, but was able to add an extra spark of dynamism – something a bit different to every other presentation I saw during the class. I feel it is important to stay at the forefront of new technologies and software used by professionals in my industry.
Identified key areas to cover in pitch and simplified all of the knowledge gained through my research project to make it surprising, interesting, fact-filled and effective in the format of a five minute presentation – background, ‘Why’ the project is necessary and needed – Because bees are in crisis and they are vital to our ecosystem and the food we need to survive. People want to make a difference as illustrated by my research and the findings of Ipsos Mori, ‘What’ the artefact is – An educational tablet-optimised WordPress-based website comprising articles, guides and activities through copy and a range of photography, ‘Who’ the artefact is aimed at – Client = Museums, Consumers = adults and kids (separately), the environmentally conscious, future generations, ‘Where’ the final product would be utilised – in an educational environment, museums, schools, at home.