This evening I set off to meet Dave Hill from the Leeds Beekeepers Association (LBKA). He was standing in for Dave Barrett the chairman, who couldn’t make the meeting. I arrived, quickly got suited up in all the protective gear, and then headed in to the apiary, which is where they keep all of the association’s hives. Being fairly early in the year and quite late in the day, the light faded quickly and I only really managed to get a couple of blurry test shots, which are unusable. I felt fairly nervous and didn’t want to make the student beekeepers feel uncomfortable by jumping in and snapping loads of images straight away. Tonight has been more of a ’reccy’ to get to know people and make us all feel comfortable, so that I can turn up next week and get totally stuck in. I’ve learnt a couple of lessons this evening – I need to make sure that I turn up as early as possible next week, so that I can make use of all available light.