Stupid Wix – throughout the implementation of my website on Wix, I have identified a number of hugely frustrating problems with the way it works:

  • Mystery resizing and moving of text and images, which makes things look misaligned, and therefore very unprofessional. This problem is magnified due to the extreme importance of having all the menu tiles in exactly the right size and position to look as intended on the menu page.
  • Changing font and colour by itself, so I have to remake some of the text boxes, which wastes a lot of time.
  • Transitions on images, pages and sideshows do not work on iPad, they are just a flickering mess, so I’ve had to remove them, which has limited some of visual appeal of the site.
  • No support of high resolution images has meant that I’ve only been able to use regular resolution images, which has been good and bad. It means that the website obviously loads a lot quicker due to the smaller file sizes, but I haven’t been able to utilise the retina display on new iPads – a feature I did initially want to include.

stupid wix