I’ve decided to add a couple of improvised features, which will help users navigate the site much more easily. Firstly, page navigation for each article has been altered to remove the clumsy, overbearing, outdated behemoth of a sidebar. In its place, each article will be presented with a central full page width header similar to what you would find in magazines or newspapers. This will encompass a photo for the story, the title and three navigation buttons. One takes you back to the menu page, the other two let you skip straight to the previous or following articles. I’m really happy with how these work, and they make it much more likely that users will view more of the articles on the site.

Secondly, on the longer articles, which require a fair bit of scrolling, I have decided to add a ’Back To Top’ button’. This will save users time on scrolling and make things a little more professional. The implementation of this feature, however, has thrown up a few issues. Wix has yet again shown its shear lack of basic features by omitting the option to allow ’floating’ buttons – a feature, which they flaunt on their own website! So, after much searching, I have come up with a workaround. I have had to duplicate the entire article page, and link the back button on each page to its counterpart. This fixes the problem and works flawlessly. I’m really happy that I’ve managed to overcome this issue and many others caused by the lack of functionality in Wix.