Visits to Temple Newsham have helped to inform the angles I have taken in portraying the articles. I have had the opportunity to talk to beekeepers who keep bees on every scale, from beekeepers who are just setting up their first hive whilst completing the winter beginners beekeeping course with the LBKA at Temple Newsham and those who have hundreds of hives and farm honey on a commercial scale. All the beekeepers I’ve met up to this point have their own theories about why the bee crisis is happening. One point they are united on though, is that the issues being faced in this country are not like Colony Collapse Disorder being experienced in the USA, which they seem to attribute to high stress beekeeping where the bees are not valued and cared for sufficiently. Where they differ on opinion is the reason that bees are suffering in this country. Some reasons I’ve been offered are weather variations, beekeeping skill and knowledge, strength of the queen and colony, pesticides, habitat loss and varroa.